Ancient Greek Alphabet

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The ancient Greeks gave us more than statues, ruins, and the Olympics. They also gave us many fun vocabulary words, like ophthalmologist. Learn the fun of writing words in another language!


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"It's all Greek to me!"

People use that old expression to mean that something is virtually impossible to understand.

It probably comes from the Ancient Greeks using a different alphabet from ours. It's only slightly different. We owe the Greeks a big debt for giving us the alphabet.

  • Can you recognize any of the letters in this image of the Greek alphabet?

Greek alphabet

Some letters are easy, and some are challenging.

  • Would you believe that, by the end of this lesson, you will be able to translate Ancient Greek?

There are so many writing systems in the world.

Some of them are pictographic, pictures that represent words.

Others are syllabaries, systems of pictures that represent common syllables.

Our writing system is an alphabet, a series of letters that represents individual sounds.

The Greeks didn't invent the alphabet but developed it to a form we would later adapt for other languages. Take a look at the history of the Ancient Greek alphabet and see how this all came about.

As you read Who Created the First Alphabet?, look for information and ideas that can help answer these questions:

  • What was the origin of the Greek alphabet?
  • How did the Greeks change the use of the alphabet over time?
  • What were the mythic or legendary stories they told about their alphabet?
  • What writing systems were developed from the Greek alphabet?

After writing down your answers, reflect on these questions.

  • Why was an alphabet such a big deal in ancient times?
  • What value, if any, is there in knowing a language like Ancient Greek?
  • What makes studying other languages challenging or rewarding?

Ancient Greek is known as a challenging language. Most people get scared away by the exotic-looking alphabet.

This great ancient language, though, is full of amazing secrets and rewards for many of those who venture to take it on, and the first step is understanding what all those odd little symbols represent.

So, continue on to the Got It? section to go Greek!

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