Wartime Tactics and Technology

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War is a terrible business, but it happens, and in order to win, countries need the latest and best equipment. Learn how the United States adapted to different battlefields and enemies over the years!


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What is something that has remained a part of every war the United States has been a part of during the past 100 years? What are things that have changed with each war?

Wars are an inevitable part of the world we live in.

With each war, there are similarities and differences compared to the one before it. Military tactics and technology are constantly changing and improving, making it interesting to examine which tactics and technology live on from war to war, and which are replaced. In this lesson, you will learn about the tactics and technologies used in each war the U.S. fought in during the past 100 years (as of 2017).

To get started, created the following chart on a sheet of paper:

World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War Cold War Persian Gulf War







On your chart, you wrote the names of each major war the United States has been a part of throughout the past 100 years.

  1. As you read the following information, make a list of the military tactics and technologies used in each war.
  2. Make sure you have at least two tactics and forms of technology listed for each war. Keep in mind, the information provided just provides a partial list of some of the most important war tactics and technologies used in each war. Wars can be filled with hundreds of different weapons, tactics, and strategies.

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When you are finished reading the information and completing your chart, share your work with your teacher or parent. Use the chart to help you discuss the following questions:

  • How have the tactics and technologies used in wars changed over the past 100 years?
  • How did the tactics and technologies used during WWI compare to the tactics and technologies used today?
  • Why do you think wartime tactics and technologies are constantly changing?

When you have finished discussing the questions, move to the Got It? section to do some research about the wartime tactics and weaponry of a war that interests you.

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