Who Was Franklin Pierce?

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Pierce's time in office was a tragedy, both for him and the country. He was so bad, a new political party was formed to work against him. Write a speech for Mr. Lincoln as you learn more about Pierce!


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Tragedy-ridden, alcoholic, mentally unstable, lack of morals — all ways Franklin Pierce has been described. As the 14th President of the United States, Franklin led the country to be worse off than when he took office. Find out how!

Franklin Pierce was the 14th President of the United States, and he was not what one would call a memorable president.

He seemed to upset more people than he pleased, and had more tragedy and bad luck than any president before him!

Check out #14 Franklin Pierce (below) and keep track of all of the tragedies that happened in his lifetime. Try to write down at least 3 of them. You will revisit these later in the lesson.

  •  How can tragedy affect the way that you lead?
  • Can it change who you are to the core of your being?
  • Do you feel as though this happened with Franklin Pierce?

Consider the life experiences he had and decide if you think they guided the way he ran the country.

Now, move on to the next section, and compare the information you found in the video with the list below. See if you found the same information in the video, and add to your list of tragedies.

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