Paragraph Transitions

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This lesson is important. Frogs have warts. Is there a connection? We'll never know without transition words and phrases. These add flow and understanding to our writing and speech. Learn more today!



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Can you think of a time you had a conversation with someone and the person jumped around from topic to topic?

In this lesson, you will learn to use transitions to connect your thoughts and ideas.

Watch this Transitions by Schmoop video (below). You will notice that in the beginning it is hard to understand the flow of the conversation. Once the transition words and phrases are added, it is easier to understand the conversation.

Does this remind you of the person you thought of in the beginning of the lesson, who jumped from topic to topic in a conversation? Discuss your thoughts with your parent or teacher.

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In the video you just watched, you saw that it can be confusing if you speak or write without transitions. Discuss with your parent or teacher three ideas that you found helpful in the video.

Watch Smooth: writing paragraph transitions (below) for a more in-depth look at writing with transitions:

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Along with your parent or teacher, think of two topics that seem unrelated, like ice cream and baseball. How can you use transition words and phrases to connect the two ideas? Discuss this with you parent or teacher.

Were you able to connect the two ideas?

Now, think back to the video and discuss a transition mentioned in the video that you have used previously in your writing, and one you will try in a future writing piece.

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