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Beauty of Argument

The beauty of a logical argument is that, if you do it correctly, you are never truly wrong.

Jumpstart Writing: Text Types and Purposes, Production and Distribution of Writing, Research to Build and Present Knowledge; Language: Knowledge of Language; Reading Informational: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
CCSS 6.W.1.c; 6.W.2.b-e; 6.W.4; 6.L.3.b; 6.RI.7-8; 6.W.9.b

Resource Subject
1 Do Curses Exist? Use Critical Reading, Argumentative Writing, and Vocabulary to Solve the Mystery English / Language Arts
2 Evaluating Advertisements English / Language Arts
3 That's a Fact, Jack! Or Is It? Reading
4 Writing in Academic Tone English / Language Arts
5 Choosing Evidence English / Language Arts
6 Paragraph Transitions English / Language Arts
7 Transitions in Writing English / Language Arts

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