Word Families: -an Family

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If you scAN this lesson, you cAN tell what these words have in common. Meet the An Family of words! Watch a short video, play an online game, and play a picture match game to learn to read -an words!



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Did you know that words can be taken apart and changed to make new words? In this lesson we will build new words using a word you already know: "an." How many words can you create from the word "an"? Don't say you cAN't!

All of the words that we will explore and build today will have the word "an" in them, which means they are in the –an family.

You know the word "an." Say it slowly, out loud, and stretch each sound so that you can clearly hear them. Next, watch the video Word Families 3: Dan Ran | Level 1 | By Little Fox:


Did you see the word "an" in the video? Did you hear the word "an' in the video? Remember, when we build new words, we can look for smaller words that we know within the new word.

Can you think of some more words in the –an family? Remember, words in the –an family will have the word "an" as a part of the word.

Think about the words "ran" and "ban." Are these members of the –an family? Of course they are! They have the word "an" in them!

When you are reading new words, remember that you can look for smaller parts that you know, like the word "an." Remember the video we just watched? Lots of words are made up of the smaller word "an," such as "Dan," "bran," and "pan"!

Let's practice!

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