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"The pen is mightier than the sword" means your words could be very persuasive and change the world! Now that you know the process, it's time to present your thoughts to the world! Learn how to begin!



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Persuasive Writing Tip #5: The conclusion in a persuasive essay should include a call to action. Let's do this!

Hello, and welcome back to the series, Persuasive Writing.

As you know from the previous Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar, the purpose of persuasive writing is to convince a reader to agree with you or to accept your recommendation.

The goal of this series of lessons is to create a well-designed piece of persuasive writing. We will take all of the work you have done in the previous lessons, and combine it to create the final essay.

OK, let's get started! Let's do this!

Congratulations on reaching this final step, publishing! This is when you make your writing available to others to read, whether they be family, friends, other students, or strangers. There are many ways students can publish their writing. Some ways to publish your writing are:

  • reading it aloud or presenting to a group.
  • creating a book including several writing samples.
  • entering your work in a writing contest.
  • submitting your writing to a local newspaper.
  • uploading your work into a forum to share online.

No matter which avenue you choose to publish your work, it can be a nerve-wracking process! Letting others read your work can be difficult; just keep in mind that any feedback you receive will help make you a better writer, so stay positive!

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