Persuasive Revising

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"Revise" means "take another look." It's always wise to revise, to look over what you've written to see how you can make it more interesting. It's how you put the best clothes on your work. Here goes!



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Persuasive Writing Tip #3: Use a pleasant and reasonable tone in your essay.

Sarcasm and name-calling weaken an argument. Logic and fairness will help to keep it strong. Keep calm and stick to the facts!

Hello, and welcome back to the series, Persuasive Writing.

As you have learned in the previous Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar, the purpose of persuasive writing is to convince a reader to agree with you or to accept your recommendation.

The goal of this series of lessons is to create a well-designed piece of persuasive writing. This will be completed in pieces, because each lesson will focus on one of the five steps of the writing process. It is very important that you keep your writing pieces from one lesson to the next.

OK, let's get started on revision!

Many writers use the A-R-R-R approach when revising their work. A-R-R-R stands for Add-Rearrange-Remove-Replace. When using this method, the writer:

  • Adds important details and information that may have been missed when writing your rough draft.
  • Rearranges the information so the flow and sequence make the paper sound better.
  • Removes information that might confuse the message or doesn't make sense.
  • Replaces any writing that does not work in the piece.

If you think you need some more guidance about what revision looks like, take a few minutes to review the following two videos:

Three-step revision process from pattheprofessor:

Revision and Editing from GC Writing Center:

As you can see from these videos, the focus of revision is making the big changes in the paper, not the pieces like punctuation and spelling.

Revision can also include a change to the tone in which the paper is written. As mentioned in the opening of the lesson, a pleasant and reasonable tone is most effective in a persuasive piece.

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