Microsoft Excel Essentials Part 2

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Technology expands every day! Expand your knowledge of Excel. Expand your spreadsheet. Expand your brain! In this lesson, learn to copy cells, change the orientation, print gridlines, and add a sheet!



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Techy Fact

Did you know that every minute there are 10 hours of video uploaded on YouTube? That's a lot of technology happening every minute (and that's just YouTube!). Technology has taken over our world, and Microsoft Excel is an important part of that! Let's learn more about it!

Can you begin to see why Microsoft Excel is the most-used software for creating spreadsheets, doing complicated math, and keeping track of numbers and information?

We've only just begun!

Check out the Prezi Microsoft Excel Essentials Part 2:

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Changing the format of your spreadsheet can be a lot of fun and very creative.

Just like Microsoft Word, you have the ability to change many aspects of your spreadsheet.

In the Prezi, you were asked to create your own spreadsheet and change much of the look of it. In the spreadsheet you created, you were directed to copy your last cell, change the orientation, print gridlines, and add a sheet. These are skills that will help you with all of your Excel spreadsheets.

You may want to review some typing skills and return to these free exercises:

Now that you dug a bit more deeply into what Microsoft Excel is and how it works, it is, again, your turn to explore!

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