Microsoft Word Essentials Part 1

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Are you still pushing pencils when everyone else is tapping keyboards? Want to bone up on your typing skills? Start with Microsoft Word and this lesson, and you'll learn things a pencil cannot do!


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Techy Fact

  • Did you know that if you work for Microsoft, on your anniversary, you have to bring one pound of M&M's for every year you have worked there?

That could be a LOT of M&M's in the building at one time! Microsoft is one of the GIANTS of the technology world, and Microsoft Word is their biggest accomplishment. You are going to explore the basics of Microsoft Word!

Microsoft Word is the most-used word processing software (program where you can type documents) in the world!

It is made by a company named Microsoft, started by a man named Bill Gates. He has built an empire of products and services that have changed the way the world works.

Knowing how to use Microsoft Word is extremely important for school, work, and just plain living! This lesson will get you started with basic skills in Microsoft Word.

Check out the Prezi video Microsoft Word Essentials Part 1:

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  • Have you ever typed anything in Microsoft Word before?
  • Have you ever made a document?

Now is your chance to try on your own!

First, you should work on some typing skills. Check out a few of these free typing websites to help build your skills:

Now that you have had a chance to practice your typing and have seen what Microsoft Word is and how it works, it is your turn to explore!

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