Root Word: Lesson 5

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You've been root-ing around for words long enough; it's time to play some games! Memorizing root words will make you a better reader and writer, so watch a review video, get your cards, and have fun!



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  • Can you think of any root words that you haven't added to your flashcards in this Root Word series?

Welcome to the final lesson in our Root Word series!

So far, you have completed four Related Lessons, find in the right-hand sidebar, delving into Latin and Greek roots and their meanings. You have noticed that the language has evolved and changed over time, but many words have kept the Latin and Greek roots intact.

In this lesson, you will put the knowledge of root words to use in some fun games.! Grab a partner, friend, parent, or teacher to help you with the activities in this lesson.

Let's get warmed up with a short video to review what we learned about root words. Pause the video below to write the words on a flashcard. Use the same procedure to complete each flashcard:

  • On the front of the card, write the root word and draw a picture that represents the meaning of the root word.
  • On the back of the index card, write the definition and an example.

Now, watch and add these Greek and Latin Roots in Everyday Life to your flashcards:

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Now you are ready to work on memorizing the roots and their meanings with some games.

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