Absolute Value

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Are you absolutely sure you know what Absolute Value is and how to use it? Some easy-to-understand videos, online games and quizzes and an interactive make learning Absolute Value absolutely clear!


Integers/Rational Numbers and Operations, Pre-Algebra

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If you ask your dad to take you to your favorite ice cream shop, and he says, "Absolutely," how do you feel?

You probably are very excited, because if he said, "Absolutely," that means you are definitely going!

With the response of absolutely, you know you are going to get whatever it is that you asked.

In math, when someone talks about absolute value, that means you are getting exactly the number shown, even if it shows a negative sign before the number.

Here is a good review of Absolute Value from mathisfun.com.

For further clarification, you can watch this Absolute Value Video from PBS Learning Media. After watching the video, discuss with your parent or teacher the distance example used in the video.

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