Subtraction With Pictures

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Sometimes, when working subtraction problems, it's hard to picture the problem using just numbers. Why not picture the problem using pictures? Learn how here!


Arithmetic, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Whole Numbers and Operations

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  • Are you strong like the Hulk?
  • Can you imagine how much food the Hulk must eat?

The cook made 10 hamburgers at a restaurant, and the Hulk came in and ate 8 of them!

  • How many were left over for the other customers?

the Hulk action figure

Learn how to use pictures to solve subtraction problems!

  • How would you solve the big Hulk hamburger question?

The subtraction number sentence would be: 10 - 8 = 2.

If you showed that subtraction problem with pictures, it would look like this.

hamburger problem

There were 10 hamburgers, and then you crossed out 8 because the Hulk ate them. Now you see there are only 2 left.

  • Do you think it is easier to subtract if you use pictures?
  • Do you know what the answer of a subtraction problem is called?

It is called the difference.

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