Microsoft PowerPoint Basics Part 4

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What is in your garage? Maybe a million dollars! The company that makes PowerPoint was started in a garage! Time to put all you have learned so far together with new tricks from these videos and tips!


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Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Apple have one not-so-obvious thing in common: they were all started in a garage. What can YOU start in your garage? Maybe you could be the inventor of something HUGE for our world that will change the way we live our life! Start thinking!

PowerPoint presentations are an important tool to use in school.

Check out this Hundredth Day of School PowerPoint on

In this lesson, you will build on the 2-slide presentation that you created in Related Lessons Parts 1, 2 and 3, found in the right-hand sidebar. In Part 4 of this series (Microsoft PowerPoint Basics), you will learn how to add animations to your slides, as well as how to print your presentations.

Watch Microsoft PowerPoint Basics Part 4 (below) created with PowerPoint!

Slide on over to the Got It? section to create your presentation!

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