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Do you get all scared and yucky when you have to speak in public? Is "um" one of your favorite words? With a video and bubble map, learn how to make a speech from start to finish and gain confidence!


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Do you aspire to be a YouTube star? Do you love talking in front of crowds, and want to improve those skills?

If the above describes you, then this lesson is for you!

You will learn how to prepare for an oral presentation or speaking in front of a group.

First, watch this Public Speaking How-To video for some helpful tips on how to prepare for a speech, and the importance of your body language. Have a pencil and paper nearby to jot down three things mentioned in the video that you would like to remember:

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What three things did you write down that you wanted to remember?

Did you write down "stand up straight" or "make eye contact"? Maybe you wrote down "don't add filler words to your speech like 'um' and 'like'." Share your thoughts with your teacher or parent.

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