A Few Words on Free Verse

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If you think all poetry has to rhyme, you are in for a surprise! Some very famous writers, like Whitman, use Free Verse, and you will learn about it through videos, worksheets, and personal practice!



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free verse comic

While the cartoon above suggests that free verse means poetry that is yours with no cost, free verse poetry is referred to as "free" because it is not restricted to any specific rhyme scheme.

Free verse poems:

  • Do not follow the limits of meter or rhythm
  • Do not follow a fixed rhyme scheme
  • Tend to follow the rhythm of normal speech
  • Can be on any topic or theme

For more information about free verse poetry, check out the videos below:

What Is Free Verse Poetry?


Blank & Free Verse, #Poetry Defined


Examples of Free Verse Poetry from TheSunShinesForTwo:

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