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Do math sentences bug you? Would you rather stick to the outdoors? You can use bugs, sticks, rocks and other stuff to learn how to make and solve math sentences! We even have fun online games to help!


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Math is found all around us, if you look hard enough!

Go outside and check for yourself. See if you can find 3 different shapes, an object that has symmetry, and 1 pattern. You can even use math to add flowers, sticks, and rocks!

Now we are going to use nature to help us learn about math sentences!

  • While you were looking for examples of math outside, did you see any flowers?
  • Were they different colors?
  • How many did you see?

Imagine you saw 5 yellow flowers and 2 pink flowers. You wonder how many flowers there were in total. In order to figure out the answer, we need to make a math sentence!

First, let's draw a picture of what we saw!


In order to make a math sentence, we need to first group our objects together.


Math sentences need symbols in order to tell us what type of math to do. You probably have seen some of these symbols before:

+   -   x   ÷   =

Remember, we are trying to find the total number of flowers outside.

  • Do you know what symbol we will need to tell us how to get the answer?

If you thought, + you are correct!

This is the addition sign, and it tells us to add two numbers together.

In this example, we are adding the yellow flowers and pink flowers to find the total number of flowers. Let's place the addition sign in our math sentence. This symbol will show us what to do.


Great! Now, we need one more symbol. This symbol tells us where the answer is in the math sentence.

  • Do you know what it is?

It is the equal sign!


The equal sign tells us that the amount on the left side is the same as the amount on the right side of the symbol.

Now, let's find the answer to complete the math sentence. Since we are adding, our answer is called the sum.

Remember, the amount on each side of the equal sign has to be the same. We will count the pictures of yellow flowers, and then count the pink flowers to find the total number of flowers.

The sum will go on the other side of the equal sign.


We just made and solved a math sentence using pictures and symbols!

  • Are you ready to go back outside and make more math sentences with rocks and sticks?

First, go to theGot It? section to practice solving math sentences using pictures!

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