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Do math sentences bug you? Would you rather stick to the outdoors? You can use bugs, sticks, rocks and other stuff to learn how to make and solve math sentences! We even have fun online games to help!



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Math is found all around us, if you look hard enough! Go outside and check for yourself. See if you can find 3 different shapes, an object that has symmetry, and 1 pattern. Now we are going to use nature to help us make math sentences!

Teacher preparation: On a piece of paper, make a large "+" sign, and on another piece of paper, make a large "=" sign.

Did you find the "math" around you? For example, a brick on the house or patio is a rectangle, part of a flower could be in the shape of a circle, and your fence row could be set up in a pattern.

Now we are going to use nature to help us make math sentences!

Grab 10 sticks, 10 rocks, and 10 other small objects from outside. The objects will represent your numbers, but you will also need 2 symbols to make a math sentence — specifically, an addition math sentence. Do you know what they are? The "+" (plus) sign tells us we need to add, and the "=" (equals) sign tells us the answer is coming. Your teacher has them prepared for you.

  1. Using the sticks, make a group of 5 and a group of 2.
  2. Place the addition sign between them and the equal sign to the right.
  3. Now you have made an addition sentence! Let's solve it.
  4. Count the group of 5 and then continue to count up with the group of 2. What number did you get?
  5. You can check your answer by grabbing both groups and putting them after the equal sign.
  6. Count them up; did you get the same number? The answer in addition is called the sum.

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