Counting to 100

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Do you know how big 100 is and how to count to 100? Do you know what 100 pennies is? Learning to count to 100 is fun and pretty neat! Dance, sing and play online games while you learn to count to 100!



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How high can you count? Do you run out of fingers?

This lesson is all about counting to 100!

Do you think you can count all the way up to 100?

You will get started right away! Watch Counting To 100 by 1s | Counting Numbers | Children, Preschool, Core Curriculum by Dream English Kids to see what the numbers look and sound like as you count from one to 100. Make sure you stand up and do the moves along with the video!


Wow! You counted up to 100!

You know what all the numbers look like! Check out the hundreds chart below. Do you notice a pattern in the chart below? Share the patterns you see with your parent or teacher:

You may have noticed that the last column of numbers counts by tens. Did you notice that the columns all have the same number all the way to the right? For example, if you look at the number 3 on the chart, every number below the three has a three in it. You can use a hundred chart to quickly find any numbers you are looking for.

Practice counting to 100 one more time by singing and dancing along to 100 Song for Kids | Counting to 100 | Count to 100 Dance Songs for Children by The Kiboomers:


Did you sing and dance along to the song?

Fantastic! Move on to the next section to play a fun hundreds chart game!

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