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Do you struggle to share your ideas in writing? We can show you how to write interesting stories by watching a read-aloud story and using online practice to prepare for the big story you want to tell!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Do you have a great idea? Share it!


You have many great ideas; so how do you share your ideas with others?

One way is to write about your ideas, experiences, and interests! Understanding the Writing Traits will help you plan for sharing your writing so it turns out just the way you want it. Your writing will make the ideas that are so clear in your mind interesting and fun for others to read!

What are Writing Traits? Here is a list of the writing traits that are helpful to writers:

  • Ideas Start with good ideas!
  • Organization Make your writing easy to follow!
  • Voice Use words that sound like you are right there with your reader, guiding him or her through your story!
  • Word Choice Choose words that really show how much you like your topic and your reader will become interested in your topic, too!
  • Sentence Fluency Choose your words carefully! Make sure you write in complete sentences, and that all of your sentences flow nicely into one another.
  • Conventions Follow the rules for writing!

The traits may sound a bit confusing at first, and a lot to keep in mind while you write, but once you begin to put your great ideas into words, the traits of writing will be helpful reminders to you.

Traits of good writing are used for all of the favorite books that you enjoy reading and listening to! Listen to this story by Cynthia Rylant, and then you will have a chance to create your own story using the traits of writing:

Night in the Country:

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