Major Events

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Do you sometimes forget what part of a story happened when and get them out of order? Watch some other kids in a video, use a worksheet, and join The Sneetches to learn about the Sequence of Events!



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Do you draw a blank when you are asked to retell or describe the major events of a story?

Major events are the important things that happen in the story.

The major events usually include a problem or misunderstanding that affects the main character or characters, solutions to fixing the problem, or even big emotional moments for the characters where maybe they realize something new.

One way you can help yourself remember the major events of a story is to sequence the events.

When you sequence the events in a story, you are thinking about what happened first, next, and then, and in the end. Of course, there can be more important events than just four.

Sequencing is putting the events in order as they happened in the story. Watch this video called Reading Comprehension Strategies: Sequence of Events to learn how to put the important events of a story in order:

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