R-controlled Vowel er, ir, ur

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Just when you thought you knew your noun sounds, along comes the letter, "r," to change the way they sound! Don't worry; you'll learn about the new sounds with some fun interactives, and a noun hunt!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Say the name of this picture out loud. What sound do you hear in the middle of this word? Where did that sound come from?

The vowel sound in the word, "shirt," does not make a sound that you would expect an "i" to make.

Sometimes, when a vowel (a, e, i, o, or u) is followed by an "r," the vowel makes a different sound than the short vowel sound or long vowel sound.

Read the word, "shirt." The letters "ir" in shirt are put together to make the vowel sound you hear in the word, "shirt."

There are three vowel combinations you will explore in this lesson that make the same sound. As you watch the video, Nessy Reading Strategy: er ir ur (Nessy), listen for the vowel sound /er/ in the video. Tell your teacher or parent the three ways to spell the /er/ sound, and a word with each spelling. It might help to watch the video a second time to find an example of each spelling of the /er/ sound:


When you have completed the video and have shared your examples with your parent or teacher, move on to the Get It! section to read more words with the /er/ sound.

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