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Is it hard sometimes to understand what you read? Learn how to ask AND answer questions while reading along with a fun picture book about a mouse, a bear, and a strawberry.



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  • What types of questions can you ask when you read a book?

Ask Questions: A Reading Strategy from teacherfriend:

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Good readers use many strategies to help them understand what they read.

  • Can you name some things that good readers do?

One thing good readers do before, during, and after reading is to think about what they read and to ask and answer questions to check their understanding.

Watch Reading Comprhension Strategies: Quesioning from anovellife to learn how to ask questions.

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Begin your questions with who, where, what, and when. These questions help you think about the characters, the setting, and the events in the story.

Some other question starters you might use are:

  • I wonder…
  • Why didn’t…
  • How does…
  • I am confused when…
  • I am curious about …
  • I am not sure why…

Practice asking questions while you read The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear in the next section.

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