Take Another Shot at Idioms

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Would you like to try your hand at using idioms? Using videos and interactives, you will learn to not take idioms literally when you read and write! This lesson should really hit the spot!


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  • If you told your mom you would give her a hand in the kitchen tonight, would she expect you to cut off your hand and give it to her?

I sure hope not! She will expect you to help put away the food from dinner and do the dishes!

There are some interesting, picturesque, and clever ways to phrase ideas!

Using idioms illustrates meaning by combining words that create phrases that may look and sound a bit odd.

For example, one might say, "Give someone a hand," meaning, "help someone out."

Watch this Idioms Song (Idioms by Melissa) from GrammarSongs by Melissa video of a confused boy and his family’s love for idioms. Watch for the use of idioms that you have not heard before and make note of them:

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Once the video is finished, look up at least three of the idioms that were new to you. You can type them into a Google search to find their meaning. Write their actual meaning and use them in a sentence.

Once you feel you are on the ball, move on to the Got It? section to draw some idioms!

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