The United States Flag

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How many flags have you seen? Does every country have one? Do they all look the same? What makes the United States flag special? Find out!


United States

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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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  • Do you know which country the flag above represents?
  • How many stripes are there?
  • What do the stars mean on the flag?
  • Where have you seen this flag flying?

You are correct if you guessed this was the American flag.

The American flag was originally made in 1776 when the United States became a country. Though the design has changed slightly over time, it has mainly stayed the same.

Here is a picture of the first American flag.

first American flag

  • What is the same on this flag and the one at the top of the lesson?
  • What is different?

The 13 stripes on the first American flag stand for the original 13 colonies that the British governed in the early 1600s.

The 13 white stars in the blue square also represent the 13 original colonies.

Explore the American flag with The Star-Spangled Banner interactive. Click on the circles to learn facts about the flag!

When you are sure you understand the stars and stripes, move on to the Got It? section to see how the flag has changed!

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