Traditions and Culture

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Every family has traditions, things they do or celebrate or eat over and over. Using videos, stories, and your parents' memories, learn about different cultures and traditions and make a cool project!


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Is there something your family does the same every year? For example, do you do something special for a family member on his or her birthday? Around the holidays, do you do something or go somewhere special as a family? Where did you get these traditions?

Something that happens year after year and generation after generation is called a tradition.

Traditions are a special part of families. The traditions you celebrate, your religious beliefs, the language you speak, the traditional food you eat, and the music you listen to creates your culture.

Your family's traditions have a lot to do with the culture you are from. You explored which country or countries your family members emigrated from in the previous Related Lessons in this How You Are Connected to the Past series, found in the right-hand sidebar. Are there any traditions your family experiences that relates to your culture? If you don’t know, ask a parent. The way you celebrate your birthday or the holidays might be normal to you, but to other families with other cultures, celebrations may be different depending on their traditions. In this lesson, you will learn more about how you are connected to your ancestors through your traditions and culture.

Here is a traditions and culture video called Cultures Around the World (see below), showing pictures of different people around the world and their traditions and culture. As you can see, there are many cultures in our world with each group creating their own traditions.


With a paper and crayons, draw one of the examples of traditions or culture that you saw in the video.

In America we are unique because there are so many immigrants that have moved to America over many years that the “American culture” is a mixture of many different cultures. America is called the “melting pot.” What do you think that means? The melting pot means that all of the different cultures representing people from the many parts of the world live together in one place. The traditions and cultures have combined, or "melted down," to create an American culture. Here is the Schoolhouse Rock song, “The Great American Melting Pot":

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