Text to Self Connections

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In this lesson you will explore making connections between elements in a story to yourself to see how these connections help to develop meaning and comprehension.



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Have you ever had a really bad day where nothing goes right? Thinking about how you felt that day, can help you to understand how the character, Alexander, felt in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day written by Judith Viorst. Can you relate to Alexander?

A text to self connection happens when you are reading a book and you have a WOW moment. This WOW moment is a feeling or thought you have when you can relate to a character, event or information in a book based on your personal experience. This WOW moment or connection to the text can help you to enrich the meaning of the text you are reading.  

To better understand making connections watch this video on text to self connections. 

Writing down your thoughts while watching the video will help you to make a connection from the video to applying the concept to your life and your reading. Take notes while watching the video. 

  •       Write down key words and concepts for the video. 
  •       Write down any questions you have about making connections. 
  •       Write a brief summary about the video.  

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