Colonial Times: A Colonial Day

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What was it like to live during Colonial times? What did children wear? What games did they play? Was the food yummy? Discover these answers as you create your very own Colonial Day!


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  • What if you and your family must fly to Mars to start a new life because life on the earth is so bad?

You have no idea where you are going, what you will eat, what the land will be like, what the weather will be like, and if there are already creatures living there!

  • How would you feel in that situation?

That is the scary adventure the settlers coming to America faced.

They created colonies or small towns when they came to America. Life for these first settlers was not easy. Many had a good life in their home country but came to America hoping for a better life.

Watch the video below to see what life was like for families in colonial America.

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  • What surprised you about colonial life?

Continue to the Got It? section to plan a Colonial Day to show others what it was like to live during this period.

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