Biography of a Friend

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How do you know about famous people from the past or present? What's an excellent way to learn about someone you don't know? Biographies are true stories that help you understand real people!



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Watch the end of this music video about best friends.

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A best friend is someone you know a lot about, like what they like and what interests they have.

  • Can you think of a question you have for your friend or something you don't know about them?

Get ready to have fun writing a book about your friend!

Writing about someone besides yourself is called biographical writing.

Some biographies tell the story of a person's entire life, beginning when they were born.

Other biographies are short stories or descriptions of a person.

  • Are you ready to have fun and learn a lot by writing a biography?

Choose someone you know, like a friend, grandparent, or neighbor, or you can write about a famous or historical figure.

Once you have your idea, move to the Got It? section to begin your book!

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