Commas Between Cities and States

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Mr. Comma is lost! He needs to find his spot in different addresses! Watch a video, hop around, & practice your skills, so you can show Mr. Comma where he belongs between cities, states and countries!



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Mr. Comma is lost and does not know where to go. We need your help to show him where he needs to go. Are you ready?

Mr. Comma

Commas are used in many different ways in sentences.

Today, Mr. Comma needs to find directions to a location, but he's not sure where to go. We need to show him exactly where he fits when there is an address or location given in a sentence!

Watch this quick video to learn a song about how to use commas when writing addresses and locations.

Comma - between city and state from Barbara Lesikar:

Image - Video

You always use a comma between a city and state. Look at the examples below and point to the commas:

San Diego, California

Monroeville, Indiana

Seattle, Washington

Ellenville, New York

  • Tell your parent or teacher which is the city name and which is the state name.
  • Then, read each city and state and clap where the comma belongs.

You also use a comma in between a city and a country. Look at these examples and point to the comma:

Seoul, South Korea

Sydney, Australia

Glasgow, Scotland

Great job! If you use the location in a sentence, you also need to add a comma after the location. Look at this example:

Lee lives in Shanghai, China, with her family.

Finally, if you are using a location to address an envelop, you must include the street and zip code, but you only need one comma. Check out this example:


Time to head over to the Got It? section to show what you have learned!

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