Jackie Robinson

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Study the life and time of Jackie Robinson, when the color of a person's skin dictated what they could do in life, and form your own opinions on what is right.


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  • Do you know the only baseball player to have his number retired from every baseball team?
  • Why did people hate him?

That would be Jackie Robinson.

  • Have you heard of him?

He is one of the most famous baseball players to ever live, but many people in his time did not like him, even to the point of sending threats against his life.

He was an MVP (Most Valuable Player) and a very respectable man on and off the field.

  • Since he was such a great man and baseball player, what could make people dislike him so much?

It was the color of his skin — Jackie Robinson was an African American. When he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, he was the very first African American to play major league baseball.

Watch the video below on Jackie's story. Jackie passed away in 1972, but the narrator does a pretty good job highlighting the important details of this Brooklyn Dodger's life.

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