Energy, Resources, and the Environment

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Does it take much energy to flip a light switch? What can tiny atoms do? What's at the other end of your electric wires? Using videos and online tools, learn about energy and how to keep it coming!


Earth Science

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Do five jumping jacks right now!

  • Where did you get the energy to do that?

Think about the electricity in your home.

  • Where does this energy come from?

Use games and fun activities in this lesson to learn where we get the energy to make things work. You'll even make a brochure about energy sources!

Your body makes energy using the food you eat.

  • But what about tools and machines and other things that don't eat?

Think about the energy that powers appliances in your house.

Watch the video below about energy sources.

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Make a list of things in your house that need energy to work.

  • Where does the energy come from to power those items?

Charge up your knowledge by exploring Energy Sources online.

When you are done, continue to the Got It? section to work on some challenging assignments.

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