Vowel Sort - Short and Long /a/

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What do grapes, apes, and bats have in common that dogs don't? Using a fun game and your favorite story, learn about the different sounds that vowels have. Today's guest vowel is the letter "A"!



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Do you know that sometimes vowels have more than one sound? Today we will look at the letter "A." Do you have a letter "A" in your name? What does the letter "A" look like? Can you draw one in the air? Today, we'll see that sometimes A sounds like "apple," and other times it sounds like "ape."

Print and cut out the pictures on the Picture Sort for Long and Short a sheet in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

What is in the pictures?

1. Find the picture of the bat. Which sound do you hear in "bat"?

That's the short /a/. Nice job!

2. Now, find the picture of the grapes.

That's the long /a/ sound! Remember: long /a/ always says his name: Grapes.

3. Take a look at some of the other pictures. What sounds do you hear, long /a/ or short /a/?

4. Sort the pictures by short /a/ and long /a/. Now, some words will be oddballs. That means that they don't sound like short /a/ or long /a/. For example, look at the picture of the dog. Does that have the short or long /a/ sound? It doesn't have either sound, does it? "Dog" is an oddball!

5. Put the oddballs all together.

Continue on to the Got It? section to practice some more picture sorting!

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