Simple Verb Tenses

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Verb use got you tense? Wish you could travel to a different time? The verbs will go with you! Using online games and an imaginary time machine, learn about the different verb tenses that show time!



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What does this time machine have to do with verbs?

The tense of a verb shows the time of the action. Notice how the verb in the following sentences changes to show today, yesterday, and tomorrow:

  1. The flowers need water today.
  2. The flowers needed water yesterday.
  3. The flowers will need water tomorrow.

The verb need in sentence 1 shows the present tense. The action is happening now or repeatedly.

The verb needed in sentence 2 shows the past tense. The action has already happened. 

The future tense tells about an action that will happen.

Before you practice using verb tenses, visit Use and form simple verb tenses (LearnZillion) and watch the video to learn more about verb tenses.

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