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This is it! You've got something to say, you've learned how to say it, and now the world gets the benefit of your knowledge! Learn about publishing the writing you worked so hard on, with online help!



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Informational Writing Tip #5: Publishing your writing can be scary!

Keep in mind that the purpose is to learn from the experience and make your next piece (and the next and the next) of informational writing even better!

Welcome to the conclusion of the series, The Writing Process: Informational Writing!

Each of the Related Lessons in the series, found in the right-hand sidebar, has focused on a different step of the writing process. In this lesson, you will use the writing you have developed over the last four lessons to publish a feature article.

  • Ready to get started?

Time for one final review! Informational writing (sometimes called expository or explanatory writing), is nonfiction, factual writing.

  • What are some types of writing that might be informational?

If you think about each of these types of writing, you will notice that informational writing does not contain the writer's opinions or feelings.

We are now in the final step of the writing process, publishing. During the publishing phase, you will put together your final polished copy and share it with others.

For more information on publishing, watch The Writing Process: Reviewing Completed Writing for Presentation or Publishing below from OnDemandInstruction:

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  • What are the areas you need to review before publishing?

If you said focus, organization, style, sentence fluency, conventions, and formatting, then excellent work! Move on to the Got It? section to review your writing in each of these areas.

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