Pronoun Power!

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A pronoun is a special word that can take the place of a noun to make your talking and writing more interesting. You will identify singular and plural pronouns, play a fun game, and practice writing!



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  • When your teacher can't be there to teach you, who steps in to take his or her place?
  • If your parents have to go somewhere and you can't go with them, who steps in to take their place while they are gone?

In writing, there are special words called pronouns that can step in and take the place of a noun.

A noun is a word that names a person, place, or thing, like Mary, New York, and rock.

Pronouns are words that can take the place of a noun, like she, city, and Mount Everest.

To gain a basic knowledge of pronouns, listen to the Prounouns & Antecedents Song by Melissa (below):

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Singular pronouns take the place of singular nouns. Singular nouns name one person, place, or thing.

Read the sentences below:

  • The girl went to the library.
  • She went to the library.

You can replace the word girl with the pronoun she. She is a singular pronoun.

Other singular pronouns include:

  • I
  • you
  • he
  • it
  • me
  • you
  • him
  • her

Plural pronouns replace plural nouns. Plural nouns name more than one person, place, or thing.

Read the sentences below:

  • The boys are playing ball outside.
  • They are playing ball outside.

You can replace the plural noun boys with the plural pronoun they.

Other plural pronouns include:

  • we
  • us
  • ourselves
  • yourselves
  • they
  • them

Using painter's tape, make two columns on a wall or even the refrigerator. Label the first column Singular Pronouns with an index card or sticky note. Label the second column Plural Pronouns.

Write the singular and plural pronouns listed above on index cards or sticky notes.

Sort the pronouns by sticking the sticky notes or index cards under the appropriate heading on the wall.

Use the lesson notes above to check your answers when the sorting is complete.

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