Illustrations and Text Working Together!

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Did you know that illustrations can help you understand what you read? In this lesson, you'll practice using information gained from illustrations you see to help you understand the text you read!


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a picture is worth a thousand words

  • Have you ever heard someone say this?

Well, in a way, this is true! Pictures can tell us a lot and give us much information, especially when they are included in stories and books.

In this lesson, you'll learn all about this!

The pictures and illustrations you see in books or stories help you understand the text's meaning.

Sometimes, it would be tough even to imagine something you read about in a book or story if you didn't have pictures to give information or show what something looks like.

For example, without any pictures, it would be difficult to understand this sentence about the life cycle of butterflies in a textbook.

chrysalis stage text

  • What in the world is a chrysalis?
  • Why is it a stage in the life cycle of a butterfly?

Reread this sentence with an illustration.

chrysalis stage picture

  • It is much easier to understand now, right?

Yes! Without a picture or illustration, knowing the different stages of a butterfly's life cycle would not be easy.

Illustrations can help you understand when, where, why, and even how different events happen in a text and can help you understand things about characters in the text as well.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use the information you get from illustrations to help you understand the text you read.

Image - Video

Different illustrations can help understand many parts of a story or text.

Look at another example!

Read the short paragraph below and then look at the following illustrations.

There are many insects in nature that have symmetry. Butterflies have symmetry. Ladybugs also have symmetry. The same shapes and colors are located in the same place and position on each side of the insect!


  • How do these illustrations help you to understand the text better?

Image - Video

Now that you know how to use illustrations and pictures to help you understand the meaning of different texts, move to the Got It? section and practice!

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