Let's Sort Objects!

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There are many different things in the world. Circles, squares, pizza, apples, dogs, cats, and more! In this lesson, you will learn how to sort lots of things into groups!


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There are so many different and interesting things in the world!

If we look around, we can see squares, circles, and triangles. We can see animals like cats, dogs, and birds!

We can see and taste different foods like apples, oranges, cookies, and more! Yum!


The things we see every day all around us have special groups to which they belong.

We can sort them into their special groups!

These groups have special names.

Let's learn more together!

  • Do you see the circle?


  • Do you see the square?


  • Do you see the triangle?


  • How are these things (circles, squares, and triangles) the same?

They are all shapes!

Take a look at the different shapes below!


Let's learn about more things and the special groups they belong to!

  • Do you see the orange?


  • Do you see the cereal?


  • Do you see the pasta?


These things are all called food! Foods are things that we eat.

Take a look at the picture below of children eating different foods:

kids eating

  • Can you see all the different types of food?

Let's learn about more things and their special group name!

  • Do you see the little elephant?

 cartoon elephant

  • Do you see the little lion?

cartoon lion

  • Do you see the little deer?

cartoon deer

  • What is the same about these things?

They are all animals!

Take a look at more little animals below:


  • Do you see all the different animals?

Great work!

  • Did you know that things can also be sorted or grouped together by their color?

Watch the video below to learn all about sorting objects by color!

Color Song for Kids - Color Sorting For Kids - Educational Video for Kindergarten and Preschool from Kids Academy:

Many things you see are parts of a special group!

These groups have names like shapes, animals, food, and more!

Let's go to the Got It? section to practice what you've learned!

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