Tell Your Story! Narrative Writing in Sequence

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Narrative writing is telling a story through your writing. Writing in sequence means in the order events happen. This lesson gives you a chance to develop and practice this skill.


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Think about what you did when you woke up this morning, in order.

  • What did you do first?
  • What did you do next?

stop and think

When you write narratively, or in a way that tells a story, it helps the reader understand if you write things in the order they happened.

In this lesson, you'll learn to identify the sequence of narrative text and practice writing in sequence.

Understanding the sequence of a narrative, or story, is an important part of reading and writing well.

Think about your morning and the things you thought of earlier.

If I said:

First, I brushed my teeth. Then, I got out of bed. Finally, I put toothpaste on my toothbrush.

You might be left feeling like this:

confused dog

If the events are out of order, they can be confusing. It is like reading a cake recipe that tells you to put the cake in the oven before you add the eggs.

Stories have events that happen at the beginning, middle, and end. This is the order of events, or sequence.

The sequence of a story helps the reader understand the story!

Ordinal and Signal Words

There are words that act as signals to the reader to guide them through the sequence of things that happen.

One type of guiding words is called ordinal words.

Here is what those words look like:

ordinal words

...and so on, representing the order of things in sequence.

first last

Other signal words include:

signal words

Identify Signal Words

  • Do you think you can spot all the signal words in the following story?

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Now, look at the list of things that happened in the story and drag them into the correct order.

Image - Video

  • Are you feeling good about identifying the order of events in a narrative?

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