How Do You Do! - Introduction to Pronouns

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I is a pronoun, and so is you! That sounds funny, but I meant the words "I" and "you" are parts of speech called pronouns! With a song and online game and quiz, learn what pronouns do for you! BINGO!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Imagine that you have a best friend with a super long name. Let's say you wanted to tell your teacher a story about an adventure you took with your best friend with the super long name, but you had to keep saying your friend's super long name every time you wanted to say something about your friend with the super long name. You would probably start to forget what you were even saying!

Wait — What were we talking about? Let's listen to this silly Schoolhouse Rock Pronouns song while I try to remember:

Let's Take a Closer Look!

Now we know that pronouns are words — like I, me, him, her, and it — that replace nouns. You have probably been using pronouns all the time and never even noticed! Imagine now how difficult it would be to speak — and especially write — without using pronouns!

Remember, though, pronouns are specific to boys, girls, things, groups of people, and more (we'll learn more about the different types of pronouns later), so we need to be careful that we use the correct pronouns in the correct situations.

For example, if we are talking about something that belongs to Pam, then we can say it belongs to her, or it is hers.

If you are talking about something that you did all by yourself, you can tell people, "I did that!" or "I drew that picture."

Let's Practice

Now it's time for you and your teacher to practice identifying pronouns and the nouns they are replacing. Print the Pronoun Worksheet 1 so the two of you can work on it together, then look at Pronoun Worksheet 1 Answer Key so your teacher can check your work. Both documents are in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Now Try it on Your Own!

I think you are getting the hang of this! Up for a small quiz to see how well you do?

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