Spelling BEEcomes Fun!

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Do you know what winners of spelling bees do? They don't just memorize the spelling of words. Come learn some tricks to make you a better speller in this lesson!


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Watch how this teacher pranked his students on their spelling test on April Fool's Day!

Teacher Gives Fake Spelling Test as April Fool's Prank OFFICIAL from Joe Dombrowski:

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  • Have you ever felt this confused during a spelling test?
  • Did you feel like all the words were made up?

Don't let this happen to you! Keep reading to hone your spelling skills!

In this lesson, you will learn some strategies that will help you practice and learn new spelling words.

This is important because the more words you know how to spell, the more words you will be able to understand while reading and also use in your own writing.

For more reasons why spelling is important, watch National Spelling Bee: Why we spell from the Washington Post:

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  • What did you think of the teacher's April Fool's Day joke at the beginning of this lesson?

He was making up words to trick the students! The more strategies you have for learning how to spell new words, the less likely it is that you will feel that confused and lost during a real spelling test or activity!

Check out this weekly spelling sequence below that you can do.

If you have new spelling words each week, this sequence gives you activities for each day of the week. You can mix and match the activities and do more than one a day.

Do whatever works best for you! Every student learns differently!

Suggested Spelling Sequence:

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  • Do you know of another spelling activity that works for you?

Write it down!

  • What did you notice about all of the activities in the spelling sequence chart?

They ALL cause you to think about and notice patterns, groupings, meanings, or exposure to other reading and writing.

They DON'T want you to just memorize the spelling! Memorizing the spelling only lasts for a little while. Soon enough you will forget how the words are spelled.

If you understand the concepts behind how each word is spelled, you are truly understanding how to spell that word! This knowledge will then help you learn and remember other words too!

Try out your skills with some support in the Got It? section!

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