Interactive Read-Aloud; Interact With This!

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Do you love helping out? Do you love sharing your ideas? Do you love being involved with learning? Then interactive read-alouds are for you! Complete this lesson to join in on the fun!


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  • Do you like having someone read to you?
  • What is your favorite story to have someone read aloud to you?
grandparent reading
  • Did you know that everyone — even adults — likes to have books read aloud to them?

How fun that this never has to end!

  • Do you know what an interactive read-aloud is?

An interactive read-aloud is when a book is read aloud with pauses, giving you time to think about or discuss the book.

How fun! You don't need to wait until the end to share your ideas!

When a book is read aloud, you can listen and pay attention to what is happening in the text and pictures.

class story

The book might even be harder than you choose to read by yourself. This is important because it helps you to think and share your thoughts about books.

  • So what do you, as the listener, do during an interactive read-aloud?

You have four jobs!

  1. Keep your eyes on the book and the person reading it.
  2. Think about what is being read.
  3. Wait until the reader pauses to talk and share.
  4. Focus on the book when listening and talking.

That's it!

  • Does this sound like something you can do?

I know you can!

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