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Vamos a aprender espanol! In this lesson, you'll learn basic expressions for saying hello and goodbye and introducing yourself.


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • How do you meet and greet someone in Spanish?

In this lesson, Clara and Ricardo will introduce you to some key expressions.

Clara starts the conversation above and presents herself by saying, "Hola, soy Clara!"

  • So what do you think hola means?

You guessed it, hola means hi or hello.

There are a few ways of introducing yourself or saying your name:

After Ricardo introduces himself, Clara says, "Mucho gusto."

  • What do you think that means?
  Greeting in Spanish English Translation
  Mucho gusto. Nice to meet you.


Ricardo responds with, "Igualmente."

  • What do you think that means?
  Greeting in Spanish English Translation
  Igualmente. Equally.


To say goodbye, Clara says, "Hasta luego!" which means "See you later!"

Here are a few more expressions with hasta:

To end the conversation Ricardo says, "Chao." which means "Bye."

You might hear people say adios; however, for many Spanish speaking people, adios is more of a final goodbye and not used in every day conversation especially if you're expecting to see the person again soon.

For more practice on greetings and basic conversations, watch the all-Spanish video below.

There will be words and expressions you don't understand, but that's ok. Listening to a new language is an important part of your language-learning process because it helps to tune your ear even if you do not understand every word.

You can also click on the Closed Captioning button if you would like to turn on the English subtitles:

closed caption button

Cómo usar Saludos y Despedidas en Español en Conversaciones Sencillas from Spanish Learning Lab:

  • Did you catch the greetings that are used at different times of the day?

  • ¿Estás listo? Are you ready?

Move on to the Got It? section for practice exercises.

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