Making Healthy Choices

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You may have heard adults talk about pros and cons. What are those? And how can you use them to make good choices? Choose this lesson and find out!


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  • If the sky looked cloudy, would you bring your umbrella?

boy in the rain

  • If it were snowing outside, would you wear your winter coat?

girl in the snow

  • If you wanted to have a bunch of healthy energy for soccer practice, would you eat a ton of donuts right before the game?

girl with donuts

Decisions, decisions! They're everywhere! You decide what to eat. You decide what to wear.

You make choices every day!

  • Ask yourself, are all your choices good?
  • Are they all healthy for your mind and body?

If these questions are making you think really hard, that's great!

Put on your thinking cap, and let's learn about making good choices!

girl thinking

Life is full of choices every day!

You choose what to eat for breakfast, which outfit to wear for the day, and how you will react to your sibling when he or she makes you angry!

angry siblings

Choices make you to think about what will happen in the future.

For example, sometimes you choose to wear your tennis shoes because you know you are going to play outside. On other days, you choose to wear flip flops because you are going to the beach!

flip flops on the beach

Even when you don't realize it, you are thinking about the pros and cons of a certain decision.

The pros are the things that are good about it.

The cons are the things that are bad!

hiking in sandals

  • If you choose to wear sandals instead of boots on a long hike, what will happen?

Pros: You like wearing sandals, and they're easy to put on.

Cons: Your feet will get dirty. The rocks will hurt your feet. Your feet will slip more.

boy outside

If you choose not to wear a jacket on a cold day:

Pros: It's easy to run out and play without taking a jacket.

Cons: You might get cold. Your parents might get upset!

You may not think that making a healthy choice is a skill, but it is! Start using this skill today, and you'll be a better person tomorrow!

  • What are some choices you can make today?

girl reading

Choosing to read a book instead of watching TV or playing video games.

choosing fruit

Eating fruit for dessert instead of cookies or cake.

calling time-out

Taking a time-out to calm down when you're angry.

Watch this video about listing pros and cons and making good decisions!

Innoventure Jr: Making Decisions from Innoventure NMSU:

  • Can you think of a time where you have had to make a choice?

Maybe your parents told you something, but you were tempted to break the rule when they weren't around.

It's not easy to make good choices!

Sometimes we feel like we're missing out on something if we choose the right thing. But we must always think about the future: What will happen if I do this?

A pros and cons list can be helpful, so let's try it out!

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