Get Your Head in the Clouds!

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It's a sheep! No, it's a boat. Or is it a dinosaur? Actually, it's a cumulus cloud! Learn about the 10 main types of clouds and be a lot more accurate next time you're out cloud gazing.


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There are different clouds — some are dark and ominous, while others are harmless little sky puffs.

In this lesson, learn about the various types of clouds and how to identify them.

Cloud classification

  • Have you ever noticed the clouds?
  • Of course, you know that clouds exist (hopefully), but do you notice them?

If all clouds look the same to you, look again. There are ten main types of clouds, each divided into even more specific sub-types.

If you need a review on clouds and how they are formed, check out our lesson under Additional Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Start at the bottom and work up.

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Watch the following video for more information on the different cloud types and how to identify them.

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Move to the Got It? section to test your cloud recognition skills when ready.

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