Keeping Our Water Clean

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Water, water everywhere! It falls from the sky, comes from your sink, and makes up 70% of your body! Learn how important clean water is for everyone!


Earth Science, People and Their Environment

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  • Did you know that 75% (three-quarters) of the earth's surface is water?

This includes oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams. Our bodies are also made up of about 70% water!

To live and survive, all living things must have clean water!

Because every living thing needs water to survive, we must keep our oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams clean.

Unfortunately, trash, chemicals, and other substances often contaminate water. This is called water pollution.

When water is dirty or polluted, it affects all people, plants, and animals.

Here are some causes of water pollution.

Pollution from Industries

Many industries and factories make products using different chemicals. Some of these chemicals include sulfur, asbestos, lead, nitrates, and phosphates.

These chemicals often end up in the water supply, causing great harm to the water system, making the water dangerous to drink.

Oil Spills

Often, run-off and spills occur when oil is refined or shipped. The oil forms a thick layer on the surface of the water that blocks the sunlight from plants that live in the water, often killing them.

Oil spills in water also harm fish and other marine life, too.


The fertilizers used to help crops grow can be harmful if they find their way into the water supply, especially groundwater.

This can cause the water to be filled with green algae that deplete the oxygen from the water, harming or even killing plants and animals that live in the water.

Ocean Dumping

Think of all the trash made daily: paper, food containers, and other things thrown away. Countries throw their trash into the oceans in many parts of the world.

This makes the oceans unclean and can make it difficult for marine life to live and grow safely.

To learn more, read about Water Pollution and watch the video below.

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