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Horses are very special animals. They are strong and smart and help people in lots of ways. Jump into this lesson and learn just how amazing horses are!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Have you ever taken a pony ride?
  • Or seen a horse on a farm or maybe even in a city?

Horses are special animals that have unique features and characteristics. They are also an important part of our history.

Let's learn more about horses!

A dog may be man's best friend...but the horse wrote history.

Horses are majestic creatures. Once upon a time, horses were wild and roamed free like squirrels, foxes, bears, and other animals. They have been living for thousands of years and even date back to prehistoric times. You can even see horses in cave paintings, like the one below.

A horse from Lascaux

Image by HTO, via Wikimedia Commons, was released into the public domain.

Horses have a special place in our history. They once were a very important part of transportation. They helped us travel from place to place. In fact, they were once as important for traveling as cars are now.

Today, we don't really use horses as much for transportation. Instead, horses live on farms and ranches where they might help do things like plow fields. Sometimes, police officers ride horses when they patrol the streets in different cities.

police on horses

Take a moment to watch Horses! Learn about Horses for Children from Kids Learning Videos:

Horses are mammals, which means they are warm-blooded and have vertebrae. All horses have four legs and four hooves. They also have two ears, two eyes, a nose, very big square-shaped teeth, a tail, a mouth, and a mane!

parts of a horse

Horses are called by different names depending on if they are male, female, or a newborn. A male horse is called stallion.


A female horse is called a mare, and a baby horse is called a foal.

mare and foal

Horses are herbivores. This means they only eat plants, mainly grass and hay.

horse eating grass

Wow! That was a lot of information about horses! Great work! Now, that you know more about these unique animals, let's move on to the Got It? section.

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