Battery Powered!

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"Requires two AA batteries." "Batteries not included." You may have seen those markings on toys, clocks, and other items. Why do they need batteries? Why aren't they plugged into an outlet? Find out!


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The lightbulbs above are connected to wires so they can light up. Do you have anything at home that doesn't need to be plugged in but can still operate, like a radio or flashlight? How do they work? What is the difference?

Take a look all around you: the air conditioner, the television, video game remotes, laptops, the printer, and even cell phones, all have something in common.

  • No, they don’t all heat up your food or try to brush your teeth; so what is so similar about these items?

As you may have already guessed by now, the one thing all these items have in common is that they all use electricity.

  • But you may be thinking, “Not all clocks are plugged into a wall outlet; so how do they use electricity if they are not plugged in?”

It is true that some clocks — along with many other items — are battery-powered.

Why do you think batteries can power toys and watches and other objects that don't need to be plugged in?

Let’s join Dr. Z to see what else he can teach us about electricity!


Continue on to the Got It? section to review what Dr. Z showed you.

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