Let's Explore the World!

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Think about traveling anywhere you like and learning about faraway lands, people, and cultures. Imagine the excitement and the thrill of being an explorer and discovering a new land! Here we go!


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  • Did you know that there is an island in the world where millions of crabs migrate every year to mate?
  • Can you imagine sitting on a beach and watching all those crabs crawling towards you?
  • How would you react?

And did you know that there is a country where the members of the monarchy travel on separate airplanes in case there is a crash?

Think about it--if you were a part of this monarchy, you could never travel on the same plane as the rest of your family!

There are amazing things just like this happening all around the world. In this lesson, you will explore a few of them before digging in to discover more!

Seven Continents of the world - Seven continents video for kids, from learning junction:

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  • Are you ready to become an explorer?

Take a virtual field trip to explore different countries, people, and environments. Explore faraway lands as you use the Internet to travel. Then, create a project with pictures, writing, and facts about your trip!

As an explorer, you must choose an area of the world before diving into the geography, history, religion, current events, and cultures of that region. At the end of your excursion, you will share what you have found.

Let’s start discovering!

Watch How to Remember the Seven Continents! ... for Kids!, from Mr. DeMaio (below) to help you choose the continent you would like to explore. Circle that continent on your printed copy of the Map of the Seven Continents found under Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Image - Video

Great work, explorer!

  • Can you spot your selected continent on the map pictured below?
  • How many countries do you see on your continent?

It is time to choose the one you want to explore.

world map

Click on any country on this Clickable World Map, from MapsofIndia, to zoom in on different countries. Check out Kiddle encyclopedia's List of countries by continents facts to learn more. When you have chosen a country, write its name on your Map of the Seven Continents.

Many different attractions and landmarks can be found in every country. An attraction is an entertainment offered to the public. Landmarks are buildings or places of great historical or cultural importance. You can research different landmarks and attractions using panorama imaging, which is an unobstructed and wide view of an area in all directions. If you chose the continent Asia and the country China, you could explore a panorama of the Great Wall of China (below).

Great Wall of China

Taking a virtual trip opens the door to many questions that need answering!

In the Got It! section, you will make new discoveries by asking the right questions!

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