Music Lifts Our Spirits!

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From the beginning of time, music has inspired people. Music can be found in bird songs, the wind and waves and bees and babbling brooks, and even the tunes of trash can sweep you off your feet!


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  • Do you collect all of your home's garbage on trash day?
  • Have you ever wondered what you could create out of what you find in each trash can?
  • What could you create if you could use all of your neighbor's trash as well?

It's not as yucky as it sounds (and remember the word sounds)!

Since time began, music has lifted people’s spirits.

It comforts us when we’re sad, and it helps us express joy when we’re happy. Sometimes, music helps us work through our anger.

  • But what if we lived in a place where music didn’t exist?

no music

The great answer to that question is that where humans exist, music exists!

Here is a true story about a girl who lives in a town of garbage. Yet one man decided to teach the people in that town to make music out of their garbage. As you listen to the story, think about these questions.

Now, watch and listen to the story of Ada's Violin.

When you have finished watching, go back and answer the questions. You may click on the blue icons next to each question to reveal its answer.

Now, watch a news presentation about the same story!

  • Do you learn anything new from the news presentation that is not in the picture book?

Continue to the Got It? section to learn how even people who cannot hear can enjoy music!

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