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You've been writing with an audience in mind; now, it is time to reach that audience by publishing your work! Learn the many ways to get your important message to the world beyond your learning space!



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When you think of publishing, do you think of big-time authors who publish books and newspaper reporters with bylines? Because of the proliferation of electronic media, the avenues for — and chances of — publishing your work have multiplied!

Publishing your story can take so many different forms!

Before you think about publishing, you need something to publish, so if you missed or need to repeat the previous Writing Process Related Lessons, find them in the right-hand sidebar.

For some of your pieces of writing, all you might do is write or type a neat final copy. Other times, you might want to also add illustrations and a cover to your story. There are many other ways to publish and present your essay, and some of those will be addressed in this lesson.

One way to present your story is to read it to a group of people. When you have finished, you will allow them to ask questions about what you wrote. You may use props during your story if you choose to do so.

A second way is to make a recording of your story. Illustrating a neat final copy would be a great way to make this a gift to a younger sibling or friend. Keep your voice interesting and not boring. You could even make up a special sound for them to turn the page.

You could also make a picture book from your essay. You would make colorful pictures that show the action of the essay and include a copy of the story on the last page. A cover with the title and your name would be important to include.

Submitting your story to a newspaper or magazine is another way to publish your essay. If you choose this way of publishing, you would have to follow the newspaper's or magazine's formatting guidelines and submission deadlines.

A multimedia presentation using a computer and software could also be used to publish your essay. You could create a presentation with various illustrations to go along with your storyline. You would build a title page and a slide for each of the main events in your essay. You could then show the slideshow as you read your essay. You could also publish your work on a personal website or social media site if you use those.

Publishing your finished work gives you a sense of accomplishment. Put your best effort into creating something of which you can be proud.

Continue to the Got It? section to learn how to give an oral presentation.

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